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Issues: Vicious Circle
Callers cannot get through or long delays
Time spent by staff dealing with these annoyed callers.
Stressed staff reluctant to answer calls or busy doing other chores.

Patient Management Systems

Patient management systems

For Medical centre, doctors, vets and dentist’s surgery, Integrating your telephone system into your Management software  can save costs and errors.

Screen pops up with the patient’s history. Speeds up call handling

Data recorded:
Audio (option)

Card Payments

Allow your customers to make quick and secure payments via all major credit cards

Practice Management Systems (not sold here)

(CompleteGP,  etc.)

Have these type features below.

Manage Appointments

Direct Hospital Communications

Instant Patient Communications

Online Appointment Booking

best voip for small business

CRM, Salesforce and Hubspot etc

CRM salesforce

Integrate your phone system into your CRM (Sales force, Hubspot, etc)

Monitor the performance of your team and manage your business
Screen pops up with the prospect’s history. Speeds up call handling
Integration example

Each member of the team has the possibility of consulting the history of interactions between the customer and the company. 


Integrating your telephone system with Salesforce etc allows you to automate a large number of tasks, including data collection and creating reports.

Click to call

Integrating your telephone system into Hubspot et will transform all telephone numbers in the CRM into clickable links. 

Call routing

This function allows you to redirect calls to specific employees.

Less Maintenance, less expenses

This telephone solution is situated in the cloud, all you need is a computer connected to the internet, launch the telephone solution and you're done.

Other Features

Office work

Auto Dialler

Streamline your workflow.

Instead of manually dialling numbers, you can set up a system that automatically dials leads

Local number Northern Irl or UK

Allow customers from Northern Ireland and the UK to call your business’s number by providing  a local number for their area 

Card Payments

Allow your customers to make quick and secure payments via all major credit cards. Integrate into your CRM and take payments over the phone, or through secure links via SMS, email and web chat.

Ensure all your customer’s payment data is protected and handled securely with a PCI DSS Level 1 payment system

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