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What is the advantage of an onsite ip phone system versus a full cloud or hosted system?

onsite ip phone system

The on-site IP phone system has some notable advantages. Firstly, the phones can operate on local Wi-Fi, which provides convenience and flexibility within an office setting. However, it is important to note that the app on mobile devices cannot be used externally, limiting its accessibility.

In terms of connectivity, a moderate to good broadband connection is necessary to ensure smooth functioning of the system. This requirement may pose some challenges for organizations with unreliable or slow internet connections.

On the other hand, the on-site IP phone system offers lower monthly costs compared to cloud or hosted phones. Additionally, it allows for easy integration of services such as door-phone and analog services, making it a versatile choice for businesses with specific needs.

In contrast, cloud or hosted phones provide greater flexibility as they can operate from anywhere. This feature is particularly beneficial for home workers or employees who frequently work remotely. The app on mobile devices can also be used anywhere, providing convenience and accessibility.

Moreover, the app for cloud or hosted phones is excellent for service or emergency services, making it a valuable option for organizations that require immediate and efficient communication in critical situations.

However, it is important to consider that a very good broadband connection is essential for the optimal performance of cloud or hosted phones. This requirement may limit the suitability of this system for organizations in areas with limited or unreliable internet connectivity.

Furthermore, the costs per month for cloud or hosted phones tend to be more expensive compared to on-site IP phone systems. Additionally, the installation of services such as door-phone and analog services can be more costly.

Conclusion: the choice between an on-site IP phone system and cloud or hosted phones depends on the specific needs and circumstances of an organization. While the on-site system offers lower costs and easy integration of services, the cloud or hosted phones provide greater flexibility, accessibility, and enhanced features. However, factors such as internet connectivity and installation costs should be carefully considered when making a decision.

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