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Call Recording
Need to keep recordings of your Business calls? Then look no further, we provide call recording solutions that offer affordability and peace of mind. Have a look at our range of recording solutions.

Mobile Recording
We can provide Recorders to record mobile phones using a number of different methods.

Audit Trail
We can maintain a log to show who accesses the recorder and which recordings are played back. Very useful for emergency services.

Monitoring of  calls.
Supervisors can inspect which calls are active and have the option to listen to them while they are in progre

Screen Recording
The capability to record your screen during calls, which can be used especially for incident recording.

CRM Integration using API
To store recordings with your contacts details we can integrate with CRM etc.

Recording IP/SIp/VoIP traffice
We can record calls on most IP pbx using a number of different methods and protocols.

Multiple locations
We can record simultaneously from many differnt locations and playback them all centrally.

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PCI Compliance
To ensure credit card details are not recorded we can integrate to CRM and other software to automatically shut down recorder when details are spoken.

Disaster Recovery
System Backup and Recovery are integral to any business. We provide Disaster Recovery solutions tailored specifically to coincide with your business, IT systems and Telephone Systems.

Agent/Call Evaluation
Our evaluation software can create custom-made score sheets and evaluate calls made by agents. To identify successful strategies and improve skills.

640x480 Voice Response Espero 3d



“Our business required a reliable and cost effective solution for internal voice recording and having dealt with AcerNetworks on a consultation before I was keen to see what options they had for us. The system selected was installed professionally and the product is a perfect match for what we required. The support has been exemplary since installation.”

– Yohan Riou



“We have had several Etrali Systems and WEY Keyboards supplied by IP King over the years. Their service and support really are second to none. Small, Medium or Large Businesses have use for chaps like these.”

– Stephen Hillier


Conditions of Sale:

Quote valid for 30 days from date of issue.

Quote assumes network cables installed and tested to correct standards.

30% of value of quote falls due on order.

25 days credit for remainder from date of completion.