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Truck Dispatch Software

We already provide Recording Systems to Concrete suppliers for verification, but now we also provide a combined Call Recording System and Truck Dispatch Software package.

This is specifically for Concrete suppliers.

When a truck is available for loading, the driver contacts a number connected to your phone systems via their mobile. The call is replied automatically and will received a message e.g. “Your call has been noted and signifies your truck is available for dispatch”.

On the monitors of the dispatchers, details of the calls are displayed, such as the time of the call, the telephone number and truck number associated with that number.

A dispatcher selects a file and allocates his/her name to it from a Drop Down Box. He may enters additional notes too. The dispatcher will then prepare the order and contact the driver to provide instructions.


Advantages of this system:

– Less Confusion

– Less Duplication

– Faster Response

Calls are recorded from the dispatcher to the driver and from clients to the dispatcher for verification in case of a dispute.


FOB Operations

We also provide the option of using a system where the truck driver has an FOB, which is scanned at the loading bays. This links back though the Local Area Network to the software package and will display their availability.